Bark Bar University

Bark Bar University Dog Training in Little Rock, Arkansas
🎓Welcome to Bark Bar University! 🎓
Where your puppers hones his good boi skills.

Bark Bar University is a dog training program brought to you in partnership with Bark Bar and local dog trainers in Little Rock, Arkansas. Classes are designed to give you one-on-one specialized learning with you and your dog. We cover cues for dogs of any age and for any level, including sit, take a break, look, down, stay, loose leash walking, recall, leave it, drop it, touch, meet and greets, and a few tricks if time permits. Additionally, handlers will learn how to proof a behavior by varying distance, distraction, duration, and location, and how to encourage reliable response without a treat in hand.
The classes are one hour long and are a six-class pack.

Set your doggo up for success at BBU!

*****To maintain social distancing, we are limiting this class to only five humans, who will be spread out maintaining 6-feet apart across the dog park. We require humans to wear masks. Following the class, dogs will be allowed to stay in the dog park for one hour for play/socialization.******

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